Welcome to Christian Leaders Institute

Welcome to the English website of Russian Christian Leaders Institute!

The Russian Christian Leaders Institute is dedicated to providing free high quality education to those seeking ministry training in the Russian language.

Our goal is to provide the high quality ministry training welcomed by most christian religious traditions. We do this by sticking to the biblical core present in the various religious traditions. Our goal is to raise up ministry leaders in these traditions.

As students come in to learn cognitive ministry material, they are asked to select local mentors from their local church. These mentors will help to guide the ministry training students in some of their unique local traditions.

This is a generosity driven ministry training. Generous christians support this platform so that anyone would have an opportunity for this high quality ministry training. Some small fees might occur for some official awards. Students will be asked if they could do a small contribution or donation if they are able to in order to bring this ministry training to others.

Whatever someone’s economic situation, if they are willing to study, Christian Leaders Institute will bring excellent ministry training.

This training is intentionally doesn’t affiliate with any political organization.
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